All 3 PURE products are proudly Natrue certified. Natrue is Europe’s leading natural and organic certification body.

Papaya renew is Vegan friendly. Papaya Ointment and Vapour Balm both contain beeswax, so they are not vegan. They do not contain any other animal derived ingredients.

PURE products are 100% palm oil free.

Our fragrance is 100% natural and phthalate free. The fragrance we use is naturally derived from vanilla bean giving a subtle, sweet scent.

The PURE tubes are recyclable and can be broken down as follows: Tube body is LDPE – recycle code 4, and the Cap is polypropylene – recycle code 5. To enable recycling, please be aware that the unused tube contents or residual ointment needs to be washed out thoroughly.

Papaya Ointment

The ointment contains a pure calendula extract. The calendula herb is traditionally used for soothing and healing inflamed and broken skin, and also has anti-microbial properties.

The ointment is made completely of natural ingredients, with no artificial emulsifiers or stabilisers. This means that the consistency of the ointment can change in different temperatures. In cold weather the shea butter can become harder and during warmer months you may notice the product may become softer. Depending on the temperature you’ll need to either warm up the product it your fingertips or pop it in the fridge – it’s up to you!

The papaya ferment used in the ointment is fine to use topically during pregnancy.

Our ointment is a completely natural formula and is safe to use during breastfeeding, but we do suggest you wipe off any excess ointment before feeding. You can re-apply as often as you need between feeding.

60mg/g equiv fresh fruit.

Vapour Balm

Vapour Balm is safe to use for the whole family. For children under 2, we recommend that Vapour Balm be applied to a tissue and placed out of reach. For children over 2, rub onto the chest or back to clear, warm and soothe congestion.

Vapour balm contains 25% native Australian Essential Oils.

Papaya Renew

As soon as the wound has sealed you should start to use Renew. You should apply Renew 3 times daily and rub it on in circular motions.

While Renew works best on new wounds, there is some research that indicates gotu kola (the active ingredient) helps reduces the appearance of old scars and inflammation.

Renew’s all natural and gentle formula is safe to use on pregnant bellies. We recommend applying Renew twice daily (in circular motions) from the beginning of the second trimester.

Renew can be used as a daily moisturiser on the face and body. The gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin.

40mg/g equiv fresh fruit.